Ultrasound Basics

Online course
From basics to excellence

Ultrasound Diagnostics from basics to excellence is based on the solid knowledge of the basic principles. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey:
Seeing with sound or from soundwave to sonogram.

B-Mode Parameters

Online courses
Better diagnostics through better sonograms

Optimizing B-Mode parameters is the base for every sustainable sonographic exam.
The course concept aims at communicating the basic principles of
B-Mode quality parameters, which then can be utilised in all medical faculties.

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Presence courses
Better diagnostics through better sonograms

Ultrasound diagnostics requires life long learning and a lot of practice. An especially developed program to systematically learn the operation of the transducer and the optimisation of the ultrasound unit. A lot of time for hands on in very small groups characterizes our presence courses.

Numerous topics from B-Mode via Doppler up to CEUS are available.
For more information contact us or visit our calendar.

Blended learning

Combining Online & Presence course
Hearing, seeing and experiencing

Learning Ultrasound Diagnostics requires seeing, hearing and experiencing. Seeing and hearing can be prepared online. Practicing has to be done. Blended learning is a perfect combination for satisfying learning experiences.


“I see all the requirements for a successfull online course fulfilled. The linguisitic quality is excellent, the picture quality is excellent, the didactic is exemplary. Overall a more than successful course. The same is true for the presence courses. ”

“The introduction is presented in a way that is easy to understand and is nice and concise, but has an informative structure.
Questions between the sections encourage careful follow-up.”

“Simply very good!
Didactically very well structured. Technical above board and very interesting. The course is very ambitious and makes curios for further courses. The implementation is perfect and on a very high level. Very informative and successful all around.”

Ludwig Steffgen

Trainings-Zentrum Ultraschall-Diagnostik LS GmbH - Geschäftführer

After 10 years in pathology and over 30 years of global experience in the ultrasound industry, I founded the Trainings-Zentrum Ultraschall-Diagnostik LS GmbH in 2016. The aim is to improve the quality of ultrasound diagnostics.
Hearing, seeing and experiencing are required for sustainable diagnostics. Our professional team is committed to provide a joyful learning experience.

Who will profit from the offerings?

  • Medical doctors, medical students

  • Sonographers and everyone who is interested in Diagnostic Ultrasound

  • Industry partners:
    Educate your team members
    Support with research projects
    Develop training concepts for your customers